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Unlock the road to
confidence with DriverEd

A perfect application to find your Driving School and Instructor

About Us

A perfect application to find your Driving School and Instructor

Are you looking for a reliable and competent driving school to learn how to drive and pass your driving test? Look no further than our perfect application for finding your ideal driving school and instructor.

What can our Application do?

Effortlessly schedule driving lessons at your fingertips with just a few taps on the app.

Choose your package

Our app enables you to conveniently search for a driving school or driving instructor anytime, anywhere in your local area, making it easy for you to start your driving lessons

Direct payment

With our app, you can easily book and pay for your driving lessons directly from your phone or mobile device, eliminating the need for in-person transactions and simplifying the process for you

Track your lessons

Our app allows you to track your progress as you work towards obtaining your driver's license, helping you stay organized and focused on achieving your goal

Application Flow

1. Register and Choose your package
Quickly find the driving school and instructor who will lead you to a successful driving test. All the instructors on this application are approved and validated by our service.

2. Contact instructor
you can easily get in touch of the instructorand book the lessons.
3. Take the class
Details for each course, invoices, and your instructor's contact information.

Benefits of completing
MTO approved BDE course

Become eigible for a discount on your car insurance

Get MTO certification

Fast track your G2 road test

Register as an Instructor

  1. Contact Us and Sign Up
    Fill out the contact us form and we will register you as instructor
  2. Your optimised calendar
    Manage your lessons and follow-up your driving students.
  3. Students and their progress
    Take class and check the progress of the student
  4. Feedback of the class
    Students provide the rating and feedback to the class

Frequently asked questions

Download App

Make sure to download our app on both iOS and Android platforms for a seamless user experience on any device.


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